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Are Your Workouts Based on Guesswork?

If you are serious about fitness but don’t have much time, you need every workout to count. You need your workouts to be personal, based on your goals and your body’s actual needs. But how many of our workouts are truly personal?  In reality, the majority are based on a combination of our aspirations and trial and error. What if we abandoned the guesswork and checked our bodies’ biochemistry before starting out on a training program? What if we checked what’s happening on the inside first?


Aspirations based training

There are so many training programs in the public domain. It’s tempting to simply pick a program that matches our aspirations and follow it to the letter. But if it’s not matched to your body and your current capabilities, it can lead to injury and overtraining. How many of us have started a marathon training program and had to drop out part-way through due to injury?


‘Trial and error’ – it’s in the name!

Trial and error is the basis for so many training regimes – even those with a personal trainer.  Not only is this approach time consuming, but it will inherently fail a few times before it succeeds in finding the best path.


Appearances can be deceptive

Sometimes, outward progress may mask what’s really happening on the inside. For instance, we’ve seen athletes who are at the top of their game, yet they have significant health issues that need addressing. We’ve also seen regular gym members who are outwardly getting really strong, but are actually prediabetic.


Get the inside story on your fitness

Before you embark on a new training program you really need to check the impact that exercise is having on your body and identify any underlying health issues that may be affecting your performance. Precision blood marker testing does exactly this. In-depth analysis of the amino acids, proteins and metabolites in your blood will show the effects of your current exercise regime. Based on your results, there may be recommendations for changes in intensity, relative mix of aerobic vs. strength, duration or timing of training. Testing may also identify overtraining or pinpoint underlying factors contributing to injuries or inflammation.


Training based on personal data, not assumptions

So, rather than rush into the next ambitious training regime, why not take the time to check exactly what impact your current regime is having on your body? Are you over-training or ready to ramp up the intensity? Do you have all the right nutrients for muscle recovery? Do you have any metabolic issues that might be impeding your ability to do either endurance or explosive exercise? Do you have any nutritional deficiencies that are affecting your performance? You will have a far better chance of success if you start out fully informed, with a program based on your unique personal data.


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